Clay County Beekeepers Association
Scheduled Events

Regular Monthly Meetings begin at 7PM, Mentoring Meetings begin at 10AM.

August 13:            Ray Latner (Dadant High Springs Florida Manager) - Raising Queens

August 24 & 25:    U of F Honey Bee Lab Open House, 8AM - 4PM

September 2:        Orange Park Farmers Market, 10AM - 3PM

September 8:        Master Gardeners Pant Sale 8AM - 12 Noon, Ag Center

September 10:      Regular Monthly Meeting

September 15:      Mentoring Meeting (moved from September 8, 9AM start time)

October 8:             Regular Monthly Meeting

October 12 - 14:    Bee College, U of F Gainsville      

October 13:           Mentoring Meeting

October 20 & 21:  Orange Park Fall Festival, 10AM - 4PM

November10:        Mentoring Meeting

November 12:       Regular Monthly Meeting

December 8:         Mentoring Meeting

December10:        Holiday Dinner (Bring a Dish)  

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